Overview of the CANSail Windsurf Program

CANSail Windsurf Programs provide participants with ample time on the water in a safe, enjoyable, and active learning environment. Sailors have the opportunity to acquire essential skills and engage in exciting and challenging experiences tailored to their age and stage of development.

The primary aim of these programs is to ignite and sustain sailors’ enthusiasm for sailing throughout their lives.

These CANSail Windsurf Programs are offered by local clubs and schools across Canada, with a shared objective of nurturing excellence in sailing and encouraging lifelong engagement in the sport.

Different Program Levels Offered

CANSail Windsurf Programs are structured into different levels to facilitate the gradual development of windsurfing skills. Here’s an overview of each level:

CANSail Windsurf 1

This level introduces beginners to windsurfing, covering skills like getting underway, steering, tacking, gybing, basic safety, and self-rescue procedures.

The goal is for new windsurfers to have fun and safely return to their starting point. On-water tasks are conducted at wind speeds of 0-10 knots.

CANSail Windsurf 2

After completing this level, sailors will be able to consistently perform maneuvers like a fast tack and pivot gybe. They’ll also learn about starting, stopping, proper sail trim, and foot steering. On-water tasks are carried out at wind speeds of 6-12 knots.

CANSail Windsurf 3

At this stage, sailors become familiar with advanced techniques like using foot straps and harnesses, and they are introduced to planning and racing. On-water tasks are completed at wind speeds of 9-15 knots.

CANSail Windsurf 4

At this level, sailors are introduced to windsurfer maintenance, sail theory, planning, and advanced techniques such as the water start and carving gybe. They can sail multiple types of sailboards, and on-water tasks are performed at wind speeds of 12-25 knots.

CANSail Windsurf 5

This level focuses on building the foundation of racing and competition knowledge for sailors competing at a regional level. Sailors are trained in the fundamentals of racing and provided a platform for developing their racing skills.

CANSail Windsurf 6

Upon completing this level, sailors will be capable of competing with good speed and control at provincial-level events. They’ll have a well-rounded knowledge of sail theory, racing rules, and tactics. This program is primarily focused on racing and prepares sailors for elite-level competition.

These levels help participants progressively enhance their windsurfing skills and knowledge, making them well-rounded and competitive sailors in the sport of windsurfing.

What to Know About the CANSail Windsurf Program

The CANSail Windsurf program offers flexibility in how it can be delivered to participants. Sailing clubs or schools have the freedom to choose from various formats, including evening sessions, weekend programs, or full-day courses, based on what suits their sailors best.

The CANSail program is designed to be adaptable, allowing sailors to work on skills from different levels simultaneously. This means that sailors can participate in a program that aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

Sailors have multiple options for progressing through the CANSail Windsurf program. They can choose to participate in daily summer programs, weekend sessions at their local club, or even join a club race team.

Those interested in racing can complete elements of the CANSail program while sailing with their race team. With these flexible options, participants can find a pathway through the CANSail Windsurf program that suits their goals and availability.

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