Overview of Navigation Programs

The Sail Canada Navigation Programs focus on equipping candidates with the skills and knowledge required for safe and effective navigation of vessels. These programs are offered by Sail Canada Certified Instructors at clubs and schools throughout Canada.

Here are the standards for each program:

Basic Navigation

This focuses on teaching candidates the fundamental principles of navigation and equips them with the knowledge needed to plan and navigate safely in Canadian coastal and inland local waters during daylight hours.

It serves as an introductory course in Sail Canada’s navigation program and provides a solid foundation in navigation theory. Candidates will gain essential skills and understanding to embark on more advanced navigation courses within Sail Canada’s program.

Intermediate Navigation

This one is designed to enable candidates to apply advanced navigational theory in the planning and execution of long continuous passages, which may involve night sailing, in unfamiliar coastal or inland waters.

Candidates will learn to navigate effectively in various conditions of visibility, with or without electronic aids.

The skills and knowledge gained in this program are put to the test in the Advanced Cruising Standard, where candidates demonstrate their ability to safely navigate and sail in challenging scenarios.

Advanced Navigation

This program is designed to equip candidates with the navigational theory and practical skills needed to safely navigate a vessel on a multi-day voyage in tidal waters.

Candidates will be able to navigate effectively in all conditions of visibility and weather, following a prepared passage plan and utilizing conventional and electronic instruments, as well as radar.

The program consists of four modules, each of which covers specific aspects of navigation. Candidates must complete all four modules to earn the standard, and there is no set time limit for completion, nor is there a required sequence for completing the modules.

Celestial Navigation

This is designed to provide candidates with the celestial navigation theory and practical skills required to safely navigate a sailing cruiser on an offshore passage. Candidates will learn how to apply celestial navigation principles in a practical offshore cruising context.

The skills and knowledge gained in this program will be put to use in the Offshore Cruising Standard.

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