Welcome to the Canadian Sailing Community – your premier destination for all things sailing in the Great White North.

As the national governing body for the sport of sailing in Canada, Canadian Sailing is deeply committed to fostering a culture of excellence, leadership development, and comprehensive training for sailors across the country. While our primary focus is on supporting team athletes aiming for Olympic success, we are equally dedicated to cultivating the next generation of high-performance sailors.

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We work hand-in-hand with partners, clubs, and coaches, recognizing their pivotal roles in shaping the future of sailing in Canada. Our organizational culture underscores the belief that sailing should be accessible to all, and we are steadfast in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joys of this exhilarating sport.

With the unwavering support of our invaluable partners, Provincial Sailing Associations, member clubs, and schools, Canadian Sailing promotes the diverse facets of sailing. Whether you’re passionate about dinghy sailing, keelboats, cruising, navigation, windsurfing, powerboating, or parasailing, we establish standards and offer programs that cater to Canadians of all ages and skill levels.

At Canadian Sailing, our mission encompasses introducing individuals to the joy of sailing on their local ponds and developing world-class athletes who stand proudly on podiums. While we set sail with the goal of winning, our core belief lies in embracing sailing as a lifelong pursuit.

Join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the waters, not just with the aim of victory, but with a profound love for sailing that lasts a lifetime. Canadian Sailing – where the adventure begins and never truly ends.