Are we chasing our transportation tails?

Are we chasing our transportation tails?

By Ken Westcar

Most of us have witnessed the amusing but unfortunate spectacle of a deranged animal chasing its own tail. Although the animal expends a great deal of energy and frustration, it is seldom successful in its endeavour. To the casual observer, provincial transportation ministries in Canada seem to have adopted this unfortunate and largely unproductive animal trait. Continue reading

A High-speed Parallel


A high-speed parallel

Lord Andrew Adonis, Britain’s secretary of state for transport, possesses a rare characteristic in modern-day politics. It is his intrinsic motivation to have Britain move ahead with a plan for a new north-south high-speed rail route stretching from London to Scotland and serve key economic centres in the Midlands and North of the country. Those who have seen and heard him speak will note his subtle yet determined enthusiasm for getting the job done in a near last-ditch attempt fix one of Europe’s worst public transportation systems. Continue reading