CIMarE: The Honour Roll

The CIMarE recognizes those who have contributed substantially, through hard work and dedication to the organization, with an honourary life membership. If there is someone you feel is deserving of this reward, please bring them to your local branch’s attention. The following is a list of those who have been recognized with this honour to date: Continue reading

CIMarE: Atlantic Branch Report

It has been a wonderful summer here in Atlantic Canada, with lots of sunshine. Planning is underway for Mari-Tech 2013 being held in Halifax from June 25th to 27th, 2013.  There are lots of ways to participate – as a delegate, a sponsor, an exhibitor or a speaker. Please keep an eye out for Mari-Tech’s website and notices which will be forthcoming in the autumn, and plan to “Come on Down … East” next June. Continue reading

Coming soon: A new website and a new look for CIMarE

In an effort to improve member communications and to increase the value you receive for your membership dues, the National Council has decided to update its website. As a first step, after receiving and reviewing several quotes, we hired Don Wilson, P.Eng. an Honourary Life Member and designer of the very functional site, which was instrumental in making this year’s Ottawa event so successful. Continue reading

Marine Engineering Digest – Report from the National Council Chair

History is getting better all the time; the art of historical understanding and the forward-thinking application of lessons from the past seem to be always improving. However, one much needed retrospective – along the lines of current popular history (demonstrated for example by the books “How coffee made the modern world” and “How the Irish saved civilization”) – has yet to be written. I would call it “How marine engineering transformed everything”. Continue reading


Vice Admiral Peter W. Cairns Honoured

Peter W. Cairns, the Honourary President of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering was recently honoured at a luncheon in Ottawa.  Admiral Cairns has thoughtfully advised and supported the Institute and its members for many years.  Continue reading

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